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    Pyrotechnics Disposal

Disposal of time Expired Pyrotechnics
Disposal of time Expired Pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnics need to be landed ashore as soon as they expire and disposed off in an environment friendly manner to prevent their misuse and recycling. In view of this, the Nautical Wing of DG Shipping, Govt. of India, issued LSA Circular 1 of 2015 which states,

“...time expired Pyrotechnics which were intended for use on board ships and survival crafts are being misused, fraudulently by way of tampering with the dates of expiry… it was reported that such malpractices are being practiced by the life raft stations and suppliers of pyrotechnics...Considering the fact that the pyrotechnics are essential life saving appliance on board ships, in case of distress at sea, any malpractice will jeopardize the safety of lives at sea.

...The shipping companies, suppliers and life rafts stations are hereby reminded of their responsibility to ensure use of genuine pyrotechnics...such agencies are directed to ensure disposal...through suitable facilities which are either controlled by the Government Organization or approved by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO)...defaulters may be prosecuted which may amount to a penalty as imprisonment which can extend up to six months.”

SHM’s PESO approved disposal facility in Vishakhapatnam

In compliance to above DGS circular and in line with SHM’s core value of sustainability, we have established a facility (our group company M/s. Balaji Marine and Civil Engineering Works, Visakhapatnam) for disposal of expired pyrotechnics duly approved and controlled by PESO. We undertake disposal of time expired pyrotechnics as per our principal manufacturer’s guidelines and under the supervision of PESO.

SHM’s Vision of creating “safe seas, safe shores”

At SHM our vision is “safe seas, safe shores” and we strive to become the leaders in creating safer and secure working environments that enable businesses’ freedom at sea and on shore. We will achieve this by partnering with our customers to increase their productivity, fuel their sustainable growth by providing the most reliable safety products and engineering solutions, and having a positive impact on the world around us and on people’s lives.

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