We strive to create safe and secure working environments by manufacturing, supplying, and servicing the best-in-class safety and survival systems that enable businesses’ freedom at sea and on shore. We offer our clients peace of mind as a trustworthy partner by providing quality products and taking care of their assets. We translate the complexity of safety standards into simple solutions for your business. All equipment and services you need in one place, provided by one team, at the best value for your money.

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About us

About us

“Enabling freedom at sea” stands for SHM’s commitment of offering our clients peace of mind at sea, offshore and onshore. We believe in reliability, trust and partnership, which are vital for the industry we operate in. Established in 2001 with a vision to save lives through timely delivery of quality marine safety and survival systems, SHM today has a network spanning over 11 port cities along the Indian coast and across coasts of Dubai, Malaysia, Shanghai, Singapore and Colombo.

Headquartered in Mumbai, SHM provides a one-stop solution for both sales and services and ensures quality solutions; timely delivery of their products and services through a comprehensive infrastructure of manufacturing, supplying, servicing & repairing (over 2,00,000 sq. ft of warehousing and workshop facilities). Our dedicated team of qualified and trained personnel ensure the “peace of mind’’ you have when you know that someone you trust is taking care of you. We enable our customers the freedom to operate, trade, travel, explore, innovate and excel. SHM Shipcare takes pride in a customer centric, solution-based approach driven by incorporating the latest technologies and decades of experience.

Led by Mr. Saifuddin H. Hajee and a strong management team of 400 professionals and industry experts, SHM Shipcare is the largest FRP Boat manufacturer, Life-Saving/Fire-Fighting service provider in India and aims to provide on its experience and expertise top quality solutions through its current service offering and future growth plans in India and overseas.

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SHM Spreads its wings globally - RIB delivered to Royal Malaysian Navy
SHM Spreads its wings globally - RIB delivered to Royal Malaysian Navy
SHM Shipcare participates in the Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition (APM) at Singapore
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